New Publications: CCR, BiDaTA, and AICA

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In this blog post I describe the three Neubot-related publications to which I contributed in the last six months. This post comes after a six-months-long silence period in which I did not published any update on the Neubot website, and in which I dedicated more than 75% of my time to research and teaching.

Of course, in the past six months I also did some development, however I didn't find enough time to properly test and release a new stable version of Neubot. Anyway the content of the next release of Neubot will be the subject of my next blog post, now let's concentrate on the research papers to which I contributed recently.

CCR July 2013 issue. The paper "Strengthening measurements from the edges: application-level packet loss rate estimation", writen by Michela Meo, Juan Carlos De Martin, and me, was published on the July 2013 issue of the ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review.

The paper compares two models for estimating the TCP packet loss rate at the application level: the Inverse-Mathis model developed in our previous work, and the new, more advanced Likely-Rexmit model. We used Neubot's raw test to gather the data that we used to validate and compare the Inverse-Mathis and the Likely-Rexmit models.

BiDaTA 2013. The paper "Challenges and Issues on Collecting and Analyzing Large Volumes of Network Data Measurements", written by Enrico Masala, Antonio Servetti, Juan Carlos De Martin, and me, will be presented today in Genoa (Italy) by Antonio Servetti at the ADBIS Special session on Big Data: New Trends and Applications (BiDaTA) 2013 hosted by the 17th East-European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems (ADBIS) 2013.

The paper describes the challenges and issues in analyzing large volumes of network measurements data, using Neubot as a case study.

AICA 2013. The paper "Visualizing Internet-Measurements Data for Research Purposes: the NeuViz Data Visualization Tool", written by Giuseppe Futia, Enrico Zimuel, Juan Carlos De Martin, and me, will be presented in Fisciano (Italy) in late September by Giuseppe Futia at the Congresso Nazionale AICA 2013.

The paper describes NeuViz (Neubot Visualizer), an architecture to visualize Neubot data to search for cases (to be investigated with more specific tests) in which a protocol seems discriminated.

BTW, NeuViz is the follow-up to the final project that Giuseppe, Enrico, and Rocco Corriero prepared for the Big Dive course (a one-month, full-immersion course on big-data management, analysis, and visualization).

The academic paper icon image is in the public domain: I created it, by combining the doctoral cap and the text-x-generic images (which are both in the public domain). The @bassosimone image is a photo of myself modified with Inkscape, and is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.