Install the debian package

This tutorial assumes that you have already downloaded the latest version of the debian package. Here we explain how to install such package on Debian, Ubuntu, and possibly other distributions based on Debian (the procedure for Debian should work for all Debian-based distros.)

At the end of this page we also provide simple after-install instructions.

In this page we assume that you have downloaded version 0.4.10, but these instructions will also apply to subsequent releases.

Install on Debian

To install the package under Debian become root and then type the following command in your favorite shell:

dpkg -i neubot-0.4.10-1_all.deb

This installs the package, starts neubot daemon, and update-rc.d(8) so that the neubot daemon is started at boot time.

Additionally, you need to set privacy settings. To do that, point your favorite graphical browser to, to open the web user interface, and follow the instructions that will appear.

Install on Ubuntu

Double-click on the package.

Install Buntu

This opens Ubuntu Software Center. Once the software center is ready, click on "Install".

Install Buntu

As a result, the system will ask you your password, because installing packages is a privileged operation.

Install Buntu

The software center will install the package. Once it's done, a window will pop up, warning that Neubot will not run until you provide proper privacy permissions. Click on "Run this action now" to open Neubot web user interface and provide privacy permissions.

Install Buntu

The web user interface will automatically open on the privacy page. Read the privacy policy, provide (if you agree) all privacy permissions, and then click "Save" to update privacy settings.

Install Buntu

A popup window will inform you that privacy settings were correctly updated. At this point, Neubot is not only installed but will also start running automatic tests. You can now close all the opened windows.

Install Buntu

After-install instructions

The package installs a new software channel. This means that further updates will be downloaded automatically by your distribution.

You can access at any time Neubot web interface by clicking on the start menu and searching for "neubot". Clicking on the icon that appears will open the web interface.

Install Buntu