Released Neubot 0.3.7

Version 0.3.7 is the fourth generally-available stable release of Neubot, coming after two months of hard work. It is distributed as: a .deb package for Debian and Ubuntu; a zipped application for MacOSX; an installer for Windows XP SP3+. It is also available in source format.

This release contains 483 patches, accounting for about 25% of the whole project history. The diffstat says that 131 files have been changed, with 9753 inserted lines, and 12362 deleted lines.

Given this large amount of changes it's not possible to list them all, so here we pick just the most relevant ones:

  • the speedtest Test has been rewritten for improved robustness and reliability;
  • the privacy policy has been improved to allow the project to share results with other researchers in a better way. Please, take some time to read the improved privacy policy and set the privacy permissions. In order to do that, open the web user interface of Neubot (at, then go to the "Privacy" tab;

  • the web user interface has been extended and now includes: a tab to view Neubot logs; a tab to fine-tune privacy permissions; a tab to control all the settings;
  • the architecture of Neubot has been improved for transparency, allowing to trace and close various bugs;
  • the core of Neubot has been extended so that now it is possible to configure almost everything from the web user interface;
  • also, now the configuration of Neubot lives into the database, again to allow to adjust settings via the web user interface;
  • the architecture of Neubot has been improved for modularity, to simplify the task of writing new Tests;
  • the database, that used to store opaque results in XML format, now saves them into a table allowing for more advanced filtering and analysis from the web interface.

Most of the code has been tested for a long time, thanks to an improved everyday write-test-deploy workflow. The release has been tested for seven days on Ubuntu Linux 10.10, Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, and MacOSX 10.6.

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People that contributed to this release:

Simone Basso