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Version 0.4.12 is the latest generally-available stable release of Neubot, distributed for Ubuntu >= 10.04, MacOSX >= 10.6, Windows >= XP SP3, FreeBSD and ArchLinux, as well as in source format.

Here's what changed in less than 140 characters: IPv6 support, robustness wrt master server failure, ArchLinux package, preparatory work for more tests, cleanups, and bugfixes. Install, upgrade instructions at <>. Read on for more details.

This release contains 181 commits by 6 authors. The diffstat says: 129 changed files with 3,193 additions and 2,191 deletions.

Here is the list of what changed and why:

  • IPv6 support.

    A lot of work has been performed to get Neubot ready for World IPv6 day <>. I'm still a bit skeptic that "this time is for real". Anyway working to prepare Neubot for that has been really challenging. Thanks to the M-Lab folks for prodding and discussion, and thank you also to folks, that provided me with an IPv6 machine.

  • Support for ArchLinux.

    Written and contributed by Davide Allavena, with tweaks from Roberto D'Auria. Packages should be made available via AUR <> soon.

  • Robustness with respect to master server failure.

    Waiting for more radical changes that will make Neubot fully distributed, I've tweaked the code to rely on two master servers: the traditional one ("") and a new backup (""). Hence, if the master is down for some reason, the backup will be used.

  • Preparatory work for more tests.

    In the interest of making tests fully comparable, I've tweaked BitTorrent and speedtest test engines to allow for more, different tests. The BitTorrent engine now implements one version of the test (version "2") that looks like an HTTP download, and another version (version "3") that sends one request at a time, hence being more similar, in behavior, to a typical BitTorrent client (which typically does not pipeline requests to the same peer, as the current test does).

    Similarly, I've started working on the speedtest engine. Tweaking it to run a test similar to BitTorrent version "2". The piece that is missing is to implement into speedtest engine something similar to BitTorrent version "3" above. This is something I am working on, and hopefully it will be ready in one or two releases.

    Since this is experimental work, it is disabled by default: test engines behave exactly as they behaved before this change was implemented. Nonetheless, I decided to commit this piece of work, so that I can run experiments more easily.

    When this piece of work will be ready, Neubot will routinely run different versions of each test. And will offer comparison between versions that are specifically designed to be compared, e.g. version 2 of speedtest with version 2 of BitTorrent.

  • Enhancements.

    • Unify /api/bittorrent and /api/speedtest into /api/results.

      Written and contributed by Marco Scopesi. This is part of an ongoing effort to specify more clearly the API and refactor the web user interface. In particular, the refactoring will allow to autogenerate on-the-fly the result page for each test. In turn, this will be particularly relevant when more than one version of each test will be available, as mentioned above.

    • Improve the wording of update.html.

      Written by Felipe Busnello. The page text now clarifies that autoupdates for Windows are available but disabled by default. (They are disabled by default because signature verification of updates it not implemented yet. See the release announce of 0.4.11 for more information on this topic.)

  • Many cleanups.

    Quest pursued by Marco Scopesi, who is performing a great work at simplifying and rationalizing the logger subsystem. Pieces of this work have been committed in this release, while other pieces are still under testing and will be likely included in next release.

  • Fix for IE8 plot bug.

    Joint work with Alessio Palmero Aprosio. With a bit of patience we found a development version of jqplot that works both with Internet Explorer 8 and decent web browsers (including Internet Explorer 9, who seems to be much better than its ancestor).

  • Merged more documentation into FAQs.

    Work done in part by me and in part by Davide Allavena. The ongoing effort in this area is to merge all existing documentation into the FAQs. Having everything in one single place allows for easier maintenance.

  • More bug fixes, enhancements and cleanups.

    Thanks to Roberto D'Auria, who is helping me to keep complexity in the sources tree under control.

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