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Version is the latest generally-available stable release of Neubot, distributed for Ubuntu >= 11.04, MacOSX >= 10.6, Windows >= XP SP3 and FreeBSD, as well as in source format.

Here's what changed in less than 140 characters: this is a patch release with raw test improvements and miscellaneous tweaks. Install, upgrade instructions at <>. Read on for more details.

This release contains 12 commits by 1 author. The diffstat says: 34 changed files with 475 additions and 177 deletions.

Here is the list of what changed and why:

  • Raw test: save more application level data.

    The receiver side of the test has been modified to collect more application level data. This is likely to use a bit more CPU, but collecting this data is worth the effort, since it should allow to guess some network properties, like the bottleneck capacity and the end-to-end packet loss rate. Specifically, the new code saves the timestamp and amount of data read by each recv().

  • Remove support for custom user name.

    This support for custom user name was a bad decision: too much flexibility for such a small project. Indeed, it bited quite hard, since the first Debian package was broken by an implementation error in this new feature (not to mention the problems it created with FreeBSD, where it caused Neubot to run as root). I could have fixed that, but reflecting a bit more on it, I decided it was optional complexity that we don't actually need in tree.

    Thanks to Matteo Castelli, Gabriele Bianchi and Joey Stanford for reporting the bug, and to Thierry Thomas (FreeBSD) for the related discussion.

  • Two or three more small cleanups and fixes.

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